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Dan Rutherford preparing for 2014 bid for Governor

When:Tuesday, March 18, 2014
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Dan Rutherford

preparing Governor bid 2014 

To: The People of Illinois

Fr: Dan Rutherford


Over the past year, I have been asked by community leaders, friends, elected officials, union members, veterans and people I have not met before to run for Governor. I have thought long and hard about this challenge from both a campaign perspective and that of governing. Neither would be easy in Illinois.


The millions of Illinois residents deserve a financially sound state government, an improved business climate, a stronger educational system, affordable services for our less fortunate and elderly, safe neighborhoods, an appreciation of our natural resources, a defender of our Constitutional rights, government leaders we can trust and a state where our families will want to stay for future generations.


I can tell you we are putting the framework together for 2014. I understand the great challenges it will take to be elected and to govern the following four years.


Before garnering nearly 2 million votes to be elected Illinois State Treasurer, I served in the Illinois General Assembly while simultaneously maintaining a 25 year career in the private sector as a business executive with America’s largest service company. I believe it is this combination of legislative, executive and global business experience that has provided me with the knowledge needed to be an effective state leader.


The following observations are worth noting:


*The numbers don't lie. In the 2010 General Election I received 66,000 more votes for State Treasurer than Pat Quinn got for Governor and 22% of the vote in the City of Chicago (it is politically known that one must get at least 20% in Chicago to win a state-wide race).


*I am the only Republican, mentioned by the media as a possible contender for Governor, who has won a State-wide election.


*I have built an extensive state-wide network of relationships with a wide spectrum of constituencies, in the urban area and downstate.


*As the current Illinois State Treasurer, former legislator and business executive, I have the knowledge and experience to tackle the fiscal challenges that face Illinois.


*I am recognized as a strong supporter of our state's diverse communities and understand the importance of inclusion of individuals and groups of different religions, ethnicities and cultures. I know that and my international business experience helps me appreciate this diversity.


*I am committed to making the difficult decisions necessary to better Illinois. 


*The Rutherford team will not be outworked. I have been to every county in this state, repeatedly been in the suburbs and in parts of Chicago where, typically, Republicans do not appear. 


But let’s not forget the reason I went into public service. My campaigns have not been about me. They have been about the people of Illinois - the parent, the educator, the laborer, the farmer, the small business owner, the service provider and, especially, the taxpayer.


A final announcement about 2014, made by my family and me, will be forthcoming. I ask you to help with our campaign effort.


A generous gift to our political fund will be the financial bedrock for our Campaign Committee and run for Governor. Your contribution, at the highest level possible, is essential for this next step. Now is the time to make the investment. I can tell you that we are putting the framework together for 2014.


Thank you,

Dan Rutherford

Illinois State Treasurer






As State Treasurer, the Dan Rutherford Campaign Committee is precluded from accepting donations from entities that have a contract with the office of State Treasurer. In addition, Treasurer Rutherford has issued an Executive Order and his campaign committee will not accept donations from financial institutions doing business with the state of Illinois, or from employees of the Office of State Treasurer.

Paid for by the Dan Rutherford Campaign Committee. A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board's official website ( www.elections.il.gov ) or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.  Contributions or gifts to the Dan Rutherford Campaign Committee are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.